3 Ways You Can Sharpen Your Focus

Focus is a keyword in whatever you do

To sharpen our focus has a lot to do with our minds and spirit as opposed to the physical realm of events. It is one of the biggest tools in personal growth and development.

Sharpen your focus for a deep meditative state— Focused sunset viewing

Focus comes in two ways; deep and shallow. The deep focus when attained is hard to rid of, but it’s usually hard to obtain. Whereas shallow focus is fleeting. It’s easy to attain and undo.

We need different levels of focus at different stages of our lives for different things. Be it in our personal life, career life, relationship life, and spiritual life. Some people are lucky and thus have the prowess to activate a focused state more easily than others. This is a focused type of person.

  • Focus can help us manage difficult emotions by redirecting our attention to something more positive.
  • it helps us to be mindful, reflective and meditative which are essential medicines for our mental health.
  • Having focus helps us derive more progress in any project we’re engaged in.
  • It can rid us of the stress and pain of starting all over with something we already went far with.
  • Focus can help us connect strongly to supernatural forces example God. It can help us connect to our surroundings, to nature, to the Universe.

We all need focus, especially deep focus, to avert damaging consequences more times than not.

Have you experienced the negative force from the mind where you, for example, cut yourself in the middle of something else unrelated to cutting all because your mind was not there?

This is due to a lack of focus. And emphasizes how strong the mind is when it drifts.

Lack of focus can impact negatively on things we involve ourselves with. This explains when we experience the negative forces of the mind —  where it either obstructs, catastrophizes, and/or diminishes what you were up to. All because your spirit and body weren’t in alignment.

With that said, let’s delve into some of the natural means to sharpen and maintain focus. Because of course, one thing is to have focus and another, to remain focused —  which is the harder part.

Determine the importance of what you want to focus on

Most times all it takes to create and maintain focus is asking yourself some questions. Questions that relate to the rationale behind what you need to e focus on in the first place. Because if something isn’t really that important, it’s hard for the mind to accept that it is, or the spirit to acknowledge it. And most certainly, the body follows. So if what you need focus for needs all these realms, you must determine how important what you need focus for is.

Questions like: why do I have to do engage in this activity? What level of focus do I need to accomplish what has been slated?

Next is:

Make up your mind

Reach in your mind and inform it about the function you need it to help you perform. Appease it. Talk to your spirit. But create a pact with it for what you’ve set out for so that you become unwavering while executing them.


You have to rid the distractions

Focus isn’t derived from a total lack of distraction, but from the ability to manage the distractions and not let them penetrate your spirit.
Why that?

Because some distractions are a necessary evil to strengthen the core of your focus. As a matter of fact, from personal experience, focus is sharpened more when we’re forced to derail.

That’s why we must l align our mental and spiritual selves to achieve deep focus.

This is not to say though that some distractions are welcomed all the time. Certain distractions such as sounds, noise, presence of some inanimate objects, can be easily excused. Compared to the presence or absence of important people, a hostile environment, you name it.

You have to rid some of the distractions to attain the type of focus you need to achieve what you want.

In summary:

Focus is key in everything you do. That is because it requires you to pay attention to yourself and your surroundings all the time. Which is important for so many life ventures.

If you must become a pianist, you need to sharpen your focus. If you must become a ballet dancer or writer, you need deep focus as well.
Want to engage in a lifetime commitment, you need deep focus.

Also, if you have to understand yourself better, you need mindfulness, meditation, and focus is the needful for that.
Focus is a precursor of success, therefore whenever you lack it, it always shows in what you’re saying, doing, and where you are going. Focus is that dominating.

To sharpen and harness your focus levels, you need to learn to determine its importance first —  as listed above. You also need to learn to align your mind: spirit always in all you do. Lastly, you need to learn to manage the distractions internally and externally, and rid them when it’s within your control to maintain deep focus.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well and without focus, its unlikely to end well.

Have focus and remain focused.

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