Ask God For Even the “Flimsiest” Things

And thank God right back for them

I recently got a silent prayer of mine answered. Something I always yearned for but never really included in my prayer rituals. I was blown by joy over that and really thanked God for doing so, even for a tad bit second of experiencing it.
Then it hit me! Why don’t I see the need to include these requests in my prayers? Could it be shame from asking for something so weird, or could it be pride assuming it might be flimsy or from assuming God should know.

Well, I realized that God knows and sees our hearts. But we need to open them up more often to him.

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No one has a handbook or would I say heart book, on how to talk to God, what to say, where and how. We all had to learn how to communicate him based on our feelings, spiritual composition, mental comprehension, and perhaps, based on our structural composition as well.

These formed our mannerisms during and after prayers. While there’s nothing wrong with praying to God whichever way we dim fit, after all he’s ours, there’s something important I noticed from a lot of people around me is always amiss.

That is the free will to ask God for whatever we like, even the “flimsiest” of things.

The attitude I often get or vibe even, explains that some people think God is too much to listen to all their “flimsy” prayer requests. Or they think they are too big to ask God for such. They assume he’s mighty and perhaps too busy for such. We forget that God is our father. And that if we regard him that way, we ought to treat him that way— as our father here on earth.

Which includes respecting him but talking to him. Seeing him as mighty but communicating in plain language with him. No wonder apart from their innocence, prayers from children work the most. They pray simply and sincerely.

Think about it: If we believe also that God loves us and died for us, then we should be rest assured he won’t get mad at us over the things we consider inconsequential we ask of him.

We need to feel relaxed and fearless when asking for what we want. For food, a good day, soap, electricity, a good technician to repair an important appliance, you name it. Everything we ask God doesn’t always have to so serious— like “God grant me healing to this disease, I need a man, I need freedom. Yes these are equally essential, but ask him for the little things too.

He’ll hear you out.

He’s your father, your friend, your lover, you everything. So why not?

When you treat God like a father and all the aforementioned, he will treat you back like his child. A child in need of that “flimsy” lollipop— which can quench a whole lot of fussiness by the way.

This is the time to redefine our structure or prayers to God. It’s the time to include those bits we always exempt— out of shame, low self-esteem, low confidence, you name it. And embrace the fact that God/ Allah/Buddha, you name it, is an all powerful and ever living God. Who’s capable of answering any kind of prayer earnestly brought to him.

But remember to thank him also when he comes through. Let him know that you’re glad for your fully functional air conditioner, electricity to do laundry, strength to write your school essay. Thank him for those kind of things too.

Incase you have any doubts as to how God operates or whether he’s really paying attention to your “little” heart desires, ask yourself why you seem to impulsively say “thank you Jesus” when they get heard?

In them lie why you might as well seek his face with it all. Because he’s always there and ready for anything you bring forth. God bless.

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  • Wow what a beautiful piece, am inspired.
    Keep it up Moon.


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