Believing — In Retrospect

Some people grow like ferns and others like bamboos. Determining your destiny style and seeing things in retrospect is where the blessings lie.

When we see things “in retrospect” from now, it would enable us to learn to be patient, calm, and understanding of our otherwise unbearable current situations.

Seeing things in retrospect according to Merriam Webster is “the act or process or an instance of surveying the past”. You may be wondering: but we can’t start now to survey the past and get hindsight of what might happen in the future. But that’s where your past victories from similar (or different) tumultuous events come into play.

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We use what we’ve gone through in the past, to believe we would get through what’s right in front of us. We use our past as a template to understand the nature of our future. In simple analogy: sometimes we better understand our movies when we rewind them intermittently.

But how do we do this?

How do we reckon our future from the past now?

Well, there’s no way to certainly determine what might happen for us in the future now. But one surefire way tested and trusted is understanding how our destinies work. Our fate even.

By this, I mean ascertaining how things work out for you. For instance, are you the type of person that seems to struggle a lot before getting what you want? Or are you the type that seems to get things with not many qualms?

When you ascertain how your destiny works, with regards to how you achieve each milestone, it makes it easier to understand the ardent need for retrospection. Which is by telling yourself, that with your current struggle, you would get by too, many years from now. And also, you decipher the following ways to get by the said struggle.

This is where the power of retrospection comes from.

It comes from counting your blessings in advance, in retrospection from now. In valuing the experience you’re currently on knowing that in a matter of time and effort, based off on how your destiny is, you would make it.

For instance, you might be going through a rough time at work. It’s not the first time you’ve encountered such difficulty. You acknowledge the peculiarity in your circumstance, embrace the style of destiny you have and see it playing again, and ultimately conquer it with the belief that in looking back, days weeks, or months from now, you would have surpassed it. Even more victoriously than anticipated.

This reminds me of an eye-opening read I once came across which postulated that some people grow like ferns whereas others like bamboos. Ferns are quick to grow and quick in withering too. Bamboos take time and a lot of effort to grow but are more long lasting eventually.

Determining whether your destiny is like that of a fern or bamboo lies in your ability to use retrospection as your mental arsenal. And doing so will let you sow the arduous seeds now and prepare you for the reaping later.

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