Is Your Environment More Like Big Brother’s House?

How to differentiate between reality and entertainment.

How many times have you watched any Big Brother/reality show and realized most housemates don’t live out their true selves?

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For me, only a couple of times. And during that time I’ve observed a whole lot more than that.

To sum it up, for those of us who don’t know, Big Brother is a “reality” game show involving a certain number of housemates (male and female) who are invited to live in a house for a stipulated period of time. They, from time to time, communicate and mostly get communicated to, by Big Brother Himself— which is only a voice. Let’s call it: like a voice command. The game is filled with lots of occasional tasks and prize winnings. But the last man or woman standing ultimately goes home with the grand prize as the winner.

My observations span across many other things:

One of which is the perception that many housemates don’t live their authentic selves. When I sat down to think about it, judging from the shows I’ve sparingly watched, I discovered that it might be due to the fact that they are in the midst of strangers. People who are not their family or friends.

Such a case can lead anyone to deviate from living their true selves. As they have to be wary of the next person. For example, they don’t mind not eating as much as they would, laugh or talk as much as they would on a normal ground. They critically examine each housemate before making an attempt to open up. (If they even will).

This is equally understandable as well. It’s a natural form humans use to defend themselves from things they are not familiar with. Even if no significant harm is attached to the strange thing.

When you compare your living right now, in your respective “homes” or “safe” environment, ask yourself if you think you’re living like a housemate, or like a daughter or son in their family house? Ask yourself whether you put up any tactics to avoid potential danger or avert the ones that always strikes you? Are you living peacefully as a spouse in your home or do you feel the need to escape?

Ask yourself.

Secondly, Big Brother’s house is where most faux-pas and sham relationships emanate. I mean, think about it, when you’re mixed up with a group of “hot” and “sexy” opposite gender (or same, depending on the sexual orientation), how would you not see the need to “mingle” and to a degree, be exclusive with at least one of them?
Don’t get me wrong, there are some committed relationships in the “real world” now that began from the house. But the majority of them are a hoax. Getting along merely for the sake of the game.

Because it’s a game, and you’re human, it’s hard not to find at least one person to rely on or feel strongly for amongst the rest. But at the back of your mind, you know there’s nothing more to it than just a “Big Brother coupling” for you. Perhaps, you need the attention for more thrive in winning?

Now use this to ask yourself: could this be the same thing that is happening to my relationship in the real world? Am I just playing with myself and time or with the other person’s? Are they my type indeed? Or do I have a prize (plot) I intend winning— against the other person?

Ask yourself.

The third observation is with people who live their lives more authentically on the show. In the real world, these are the “despicable” category of people— by the viewers. When a real housemate shows their real way of talking, eating, sleeping (perhaps they snore), or their general lifestyle, most times, they get the least votes.

Don’t get me started on the ones who display a high level of intelligence. In this part of the world where I come from, being too learned or sophisticated is almost as if it’s a taboo. Because people will see you as unreal, “forming” or faking it. Whereas you’re only displaying the marvelous intellectual capacity you possess. Something you probably fought hard for. However, it seems like an imposed crime by the public for “some” housemates to display such intellectual tendencies in Big Brother’s house and so you’ll be getting the least votes for “forming”.

What about those who aren’t “forming” but actually do not know how to speak well, uneducated or poor? Well, these are the kinds that many voters go for. They prefer to see you that way so that they can give you a pity party and hence, make you garner enough votes to become the winner. Even when the supposed housemate(s) hasn’t yet mentioned anything tangible they’d be using the money/winning for. I shake my head in awe the most with this part. Because this shows the mentality of people I’m “by force” part of their population.

Self- pity or martyr syndrome only has a limit to what it can fetch you in the real world. At some point you turn from a victim to becoming so victimized you miss out on opportunities to elevate. Because people already see you that “particular” way.

If this is you, ask yourself who’s helping who and who’s deceiving who? Are you playing a game of self-pity in the real world? What’s the grand price to win for that?

Then there are some who are just there for the freebies. The ones who enjoy eating free lunch and paying for nothing except forcing themselves out of bed. They are the least noticeable but they are there. Always ready to go with the flow. They are virtually non-competitive. With them, anything goes. Whether they win or lose a task isn’t as important as whether they’ve eaten or won a free hair shampoo by Big Brother. My candid advice: fear those ones more.

They will leech unto you in the form of loyalty and treat you like royalty. Until they’ve sucked all the juice out of you and left you dry. Identify from the show and, most importantly, in the real world, not to fall prey to their antics.

And if you’re the freebie kinda person, ask yourself how sustainable it is to carry on latching onto folks, taking advantage of their kindness and your friendship with them just to get what you want?

At the end of the day, Big Brother is just a game. But it’s a game full of people who display several characteristics. Allow it to teach you something. Allow it to help you examine if you’re truly living authentically or being fake. Make it to teach you to be brave in expressing your natural raw talents— and intellectual capacity unapologetically. Let it pave way for you to desist playing the victim role and instead work hard. Make it teach you ways you can strive to become independent and not leech on others for your thrive.

Let the Big Brother show enlighten you to differentiate between entertainment and reality.

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  • Great read!
    Voting for the underdog is oftentimes human nature – we love a “comeback” story. Could this be a reflection of the “reality” of the voter?

    Bimi Gordons
    • Good point, I think too that the reality of the voter reflects in their voting style. Thanks babe for taking the time to read and comment ❤

      • Thanks love, well done! ♥️

        Bimi Gordons

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