Choose to be a Breath of Fresh Air

Don be what everyone else is

Be yourself. The unique side to you, no matter how queer to others is what stands you out. It is what others are dying to see, emulate or draw near as part of them.

Be a breath of fresh air for others to breathe

Feel what you feel:

It is extremely hard these days to see somebody who feels genuine and raw emotions and express them without being called either a fool or stupid. They believe that by masking your pain, love, and vulnerability, you’re in tune with what the world is into now. But the truth is, that’s the queer character itself. The inability to feel and express is just unnatural. Being open about your pain, being in love and going for it, feeling inadequacy and expressing it are all natural phenomenons.
Appreciate the strong, but sensitive side to you by all means, the vulnerable side.

You’re being a breath of fresh air when you reveal this “archaic” side to you. And it’s only the people that are deserving of you that’d acknowledge and appreciate that. So keep being you.

Choose the color that fits

Feel free to move pink despite being a boy and a blue despite being a girl. No one set the rules that each of these color is gender assigned. Don’t confine yourself to the box the society has created and deny yourself the opportunity to explore the wondrous colors there are in this world. Be unique and shake things up by your color preferences —  as long as it resonates with your inner person.

Dress how you dress

In this era where fashion is at its T, it can be so inundating catching up with all there is. But to remain a unique personality, I implore you to keep sticking to your style. Fashion differs from style. Style is how you dress and fashion is what you dress with. So even though you might up your taste, keep sticking to your style. That’s what makes you YOU. And that’s what anybody who truly understand and values you will go by as well. So, abolish the need to meet up with the joneses and create a new joneses worthy to be emulated.
Step out in your style. Step out in your skin and be proud to be a breath of fresh air.

Talk how you talk

People always expect that when you get to certain level in your life, the way you talk has to change, likewise everything about you. While I’m not against an upgrade, I’m definitely against going against the foundation of things. That very thing that makes me unique.
So if you’re the type who talks softly, go for it, if you’re the type who is raw in expression, go for it. If you stammer, don’t rush it. No one, who’s truly deserving of you, will look down on you only the ones who don’t.

Be a breath of fresh air and continue being who you are.

Tell the truth always

Many people by now think that truth is overrated. Just because we can lie and get away with it sometimes, just because white lies exist to mitigate certain situations as opposed to telling the raw truth, doesn’t make it any less sinful. It doesn’t make it any less inauthentic. Because when your refuse to tell the truth, you’re exhibiting fear which further inhibits you from being your true self. The self who’s not afraid to stand their ground no matter how much it may hurt. So, yes, the truth is painful to hear or be told, but it’s surely not overrated. It’s the unique aspect of you that will choose to be honest rather than scowl in dishonesty. That’s what stands you out —  what crates an atmosphere with freshness.

Laugh out loud

We tend to withhold our laughter as adults compared to when we were kids. We equate coolness to laugh out a little or laughing restrained. Whereas we’re not only hiding ourselves but hiding the true nature of things. Why? Because some life events are simply hilarious and require to be laughed over. So when you conceal the way you express your laughter you’re restraining your soul from being uplifted in that sense. So, be free and laugh out loud when necessary, it is what will give rise to that breath of fresh air  in so doing —  literally.

Expect love right back
Another queer character especially when it comes to relationships is convincing ourselves that loving someone is enough. Therefore we put our hearts on the line and go all out for our loved ones, family, spouse. And while that’s a selfless motive, it’s not a completely healthy cycle if you don’t expect love right back.

Love is a give and a take and a give and give alone. So it’s only natural to expect to be loved back, cared back for, looked after, attended to and all that. Not necessarily by the people you give it to. But it’s pointing out the fact that everyone deserves to be loved and a little more attention sometimes. Therefore developing this mindset and the skill to demand for love right back is certainly a breath of fresh air —  in a world full of pretense about how love isn’t necessarily meant to be reciprocated.

In a nutshell:

Be who you are

This one seems like a no-brainer but it’s the hardest to achieve. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to next person, how they smell, how they walk, how they talk. Again, admiring someone and attempting to be better for yourself is a good omen. But comparing yourself is a competition almost always against yourself. Because you’re trying to defy nature. Be yourself. Appreciate the good and bad sides to you. The most you can do is work on the bad side and elevate the good sides from time to time. But never skip the foundation to who your person is built by (not what you’ve been told or conditioned with) and attempt to be somebody else.

You’re a breath of fresh air just the way you are. And it takes another breath of fresh air to recognize that.

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