Don’t Try To Convince God

Convince yourself that God already knows

There are many instances in life when we need to convince ourselves of what we need from God and ask for them. Likewise, there are many more instances where we need not convince God of things we need. They are two completely different scenarios.

God is God— omnipotent and omnipresent. And if we believe he is, then there’s no reason to stress ourselves in convincing him of things we need, why we need them and how we need them. Because surely, he’s already aware. He already knows what we need, what we don’t need, and what we merely want.

Sometimes he has an unconventional way of answering us that we continue to feel the need to convince him.

Disbelieving God for who he is and what he’s made of, or ourselves, of what we truly want, might be reasons why we feel the need to go through the process of convincing him of our needs and wants— in the first place. Because matter of fact is that God knows even our silent prayers. The kind we don’t verbally utter, but that lies within our heart and forms from our everyday living— without anyone noticing or knowing them.

When we start to redefine what God means to us and who he is, it becomes fathomable, the reasons we shouldn’t convince God of whatever we need—unless we are to ourselves. Because, think about it, who needs more convincing before or during prayers? It has to be us, mere human beings, of course. Compared to a supernatural being like God.

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