Feel Grateful And Not Guilty

Guilt is not necessarily a bad omen when it’s felt the right way. It helps to return home the mind, to acknowledge a wrong deed and take corrective measures for next time — which is the bone of contention).

The problem with guilt, however, is not feeling or using it right, for instance, by letting it ignite you to reflect over your wrongdoings and thus, propel you to do better next time.

Or mostly when you substitute it (guilt) for gratitude.

Gratitude in simple terms is an expression of thanks for having received something pleasant you wanted. Now, when you substitute it with guilt, it’s usually because you didn’t indulge in the right things that you ought to in the first place and as a result, your conscience is telling on you and informing you about how to misuse it when you feel guilty about receiving any kindness.

The best way to prevent this is to try to live as righteous as you can.

Treat people well including strangers.

When you err as a human that you are, don’t forget to ask for forgiveness and turn a new leaf so that when something great happens to you, you’ll be free to feel grateful and not guilty and utilize the great thing well too.

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