In Our Conscious State Lies the Change we Desperately Seek

In our conscious state, we’ve awoken to reality as opposed to acting on autopilot (subconscious)

Most people will say the subconscious is deeper than the conscious state. I don’t disagree. However, the subconscious state is the part we overlook easily compared to the conscious state.
This is what makes the conscious state more favorable to implore when talking about effecting a change.

Our conscious state is the part of us that is awake and alert —  as the name states thus. That means whatever we do or proclaim is as actively absorbed and alive as is. Likewise the thoughts we conceive.
When it comes to conceiving thoughts, it is this part that gives rise to the change we seek. Because the innermost layer of our being forges this thoughts which engraves to our outer (inner) layer in the form of our conscious being and trigger change.

An image depicting a state of conscious growth/change: source- Pixabay

I say this because, we often get too hard on ourself and question why the result of our output isn’t yielding the type of results we seek (or deserve). This hardness negatively impacts our lives in more ways than we’re aware of. Such as in the form of stress, anxiety, lack of confidence or courage, fear to carry on and so on.
As a result, we give up trying. We retreat in our quest to get what we want because we think it’s elusive.

While the trite that fighting hard for something makes it go farther away. It is equally important to know that the moment you acknowledge something in your conscious state, is the beginning of that change.
So, for example, you might be wanting to correct your feeding habits but can’t seem to do well with it. Once you acknowledge you have poor feeding habits or better still underline the causal factors to it, you’re on your way to change.

Being conscious of something amounts to change. It is action-driven compared to our subconscious part which is the thinking part.

This might not mean much to you if you always seek instant gratification. But even that, on its own, is a problem that degrades one’s personal growth journey.  As some things are bound to be achieved in little ways —  subliminally.
In this case, you have to be patient and keep doing what you have been doing. Believe you’ll accomplish the goals or results that you seek.

Our conscious acknowledgement is equal to awareness. When we are aware of what to do, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to do them. Even if it abnormally drags, you’re also going to be in the “know” as to the cause of the delay.

Being conscious helps us recognize (our) problems more easily

Talk of awareness to unhealthy procrastination, drinking problems, sleeping problems, mental health struggles, underlying childhood traumas, you name it, are some of the common problems engraving them in our consciousness will solve.

On the flip side, our conscious state also shows us proof of things we ought to be happy and grateful for. Being conscious allows us to witness our kids grow right in our presence and savor the process. Being aware lets us get rid of things that don’t suit us instantly. Instead of awaiting trial and permission from other things due from autopilot state. And so on…

So when next you want to get so hard for not attaining that height yet, ask yourself if you’re already conscious of that fact.
Are you conscious of what needs to be done —  the hows, when and wheres? And start taking it one step at a time.

Because engraving something in our consciousness is the beginning and significant part of the huge change we seek. It is what allows us to awaken to reality, as opposed to acting on autopilot (subconscious) and not know why or how.

Be steadfast. Trust yourself.

A girl who derives a lot of joy in writing. Which overtime has served as an intentional purpose to inspire people and uplift souls too. Through addressing hidden topical issues. The kind that is easily overlooked. Try me.

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