Let The Past Guide You

Life is lived forward, but understood backward.

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Guide from our past enables us to understand better and live forward

Living is like a zig-zag pattern. We often reach to the past and return to the present, and thus, materialize our future.

But we connote reminisce, retrospect, from the past as ill-living and this is not always the case.

The past is a part of the experiences we’ve lived. Discarding the past would almost mean discarding an essential part of us even if it wasn’t a pleasant living. The past is there for many reasons. One of them is to guide you. It serves as a guide in the sense that it helps us look back on what we’ve done and evaluate how we’ve lived to be able to live forward. After all, it is said that life is understood backward. The past guides and nurtures our mentality which allows us to make better decisions moving forward. It aids us to live better and if we survived instead, figure out ways we could live.

The past is not there to maim you

We often regard the past as a no-go area. But the past unpleasant experiences help us re-navigate our lives on a better path. If not for the unpleasantness, you wouldn’t have fathomed a better way out of it. This also means that

The past makes us more mature

The more we use the past as a guide and retrace or compound our living strategy, the most mature we are. Maturity stems from the ability to now recognize what you think could’ve been a better choice, point, statement, style, and whatnot — unlike if you were still thinking and behaving the same with no significant change.

The past scores our healing

As previously stated, life is understood backward but lived forward. To be able to understand how far you’ve come in your healing journey, especially for those of us who have suffered severe childhood trauma and assaults, it involves checking up on our current state of mind, behavior, and traits and comparing them to our past behavior and see the differentiating healing factors that have now taken place.

The past is our friend

No matter how ugly the past is, it holds memories in them that are sometimes laughable. Not necessarily joy emanating, but an emotion that makes you wish you befriended yourself during those times and enjoyed it better. The past is our friend because we can insert or delete whatever scenario we like that could have made it less unpleasant or more enjoyable than it was.

The past is the past

As much as we want to see the past as a guide, we shouldn’t forget it’s the past. It’s gone, it can’t be relived or retrieved. It only serves as a guide to keeping pushing, to keep moving forward only.

Rounding up:

The past serves as a guide to enable us to be mindful of how we live in our present. This is because our present when lived makes up for the past already. The past should be a guide to help us develop a better mentality which would help us think, understand and act better than in the past. Hence, allowing us to fulfill our humane goal of living life forward after having understood it backward.

Thanks for your time.

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