Manner of Approach

Manner of approach deals with ways we approach things devoid of any circumstance.

It speaks volume on the type of personality we have. Are we patient? Are we calm? Are we recollective? Are we articulate? Are we practical? And the list goes on..

There’s a truism in the quote that states “it’s not about what you do but how you do it”.

This further represents the fact that the manner of approach mainly deals with how. And the ‘how’ word can be used in many instances — as an adverb (which is where the interest in this write up lies), adjective, noun and as a conjunction.

The word ‘how’ is enough to define who you are as aforementioned. Starting from how you speak to how you eat down to perceiving things and subsequently dealing with it.

Dealing with issues, excitements; basically, the yin and yang life comes forth with, goes a long way to determining how far you go. This spans across many life strata — personal relationships, relationships with others, professional settings, spiritually and others.

When you decipher how to go about whatever you’re thrown, with your best shot, it becomes your manner of approach to that particular thing.

For instance, when you choose to scream back at your partner over something you felt frustrated with, although you had good intentions, it becomes your manner of approach to that situation. This can easily give you away as a person with an erratic behavior who’s highly incapable of processing their emotions and delivering their words in an assertive, less argumentative manner. This is not to say that it’s part of your personality per se, but it goes a long way to denting whatever perks you originally had up your sleeves.

This is applicable to that nice boss who seems to be hitting on you at work and you forget to get less excited and create healthy boundaries that’ll allow work to run smoothly considering the fact that it is what you’re there for.

Or are we talking about the fact that generally, you seem to form permanent damaging habits over temporary hard life situations you’re presented with — notwithstanding that you aren’t necessarily the only person going through whatever it may be?

Now, I’m not saying that it’s easy to withstand the heat of the moment and not let off the steam in whichever way you deem fit, I’m saying that bad habits like that are most likely to become ingrained in our character compared to their opposite “good manner” — not minding that the latter isn’t always going to solve our problems instantly nor vanquish the uncomfortable feelings that we may have.

It’s wise that we carefully craft our actions towards any thoughts that may spring up in our minds or head because it’s inevitable to conceive such thoughts or feelings but highly doable to manage their outcome.

Think about it,

You get asked ‘how did you do it?’ when it’s mostly pertaining to something good and what did you do?,mostly for something implausible.

How you think, behave, feed, read, write, give, act and face life, you name it, goes a long way to projecting who you may truly be or becoming, therefore be cognizant in exercising your “how’s” and for what too, so that you may gauge who you truly are and hence, seek ways to continue to improve yourself in all ramifications.

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