Now is the Time to Start Picking Up The Pieces of Your Life

Pick up the pieces of your life and make out what the full picture says for a calmer mind

There are different aspects of us scattered in different places in the world and in the realm — and now is the time to start soul searching and recollecting them back.

When we were much younger, we were mostly free and unconcerned about what the world expected from us, what contributions to make, and even what our capabilities are.

Our raw skills we’re one from then — our dreams nurtured — and our complaints were heard and handled, mostly by parents or caregivers.

But now as grown-ups, we don’t have those many privileges anymore. Instead, we are the ones that are looked up to and expected to come through in many things. Such as working and catering for our aged parents, looking after our new immediate family, and other side passionate hustles we might be involved in.

But this sense of growth and expansion (knowledge, skills, responsibility, and flair) didn’t just come out of the blues.

To the majority of the people, they were surprisingly instilled, and for others, they were much aware.

Generally, we have encountered several life ups and downs — which in several ways, have caused us setbacks and injuries — seen in the form of weight gain, malnourishment, anxiety, tight hold, and depression — to name a few.

These emotional, mental, and physical injuries have gone a long way to disrupt our cognition. Hence, making us exhibit characters that are no longer in sync without originality. Our true selves.

We no longer pay attention to the way we used to and to what we have to. Neither do we love the way we used to nor the right people. Overall we keep struggling to juggle every aspect of life — which invariably keeps slipping off our hands.

The only difference, though, is that we know that we are not in tune with our authentic self.

It’s far gone from us as we’ve adopted several defense mechanisms in the form of habits and traits that are inconsistent with our real being.

What is needed of us is to pick up the pieces of our life. To search back in time to the person we once were. To recollect and merge the strong positive skills and habits we had and displayed then. And slowly rejuvenate them to the current realms of who we are now.

With your emotional state, search back to the reason or reasons why you tend to act uncontrollably each time and check to see if there was an incident in the past that led to you be so emotionally wrecked — even now.

Search your spiritual state to find out what went amiss. Was it a topical issue, perhaps, the battle between religion and spiritualism that disoriented your spirit from beckoning.

Was it your mental state that got marred due to the effect of your emotional state, and as such, affected your mannerisms of thinking and understanding? Perhaps has lingered on to completely depleting you of your precious energy every time?

Think back to those times and figure it out.

Once you are aware of the root cause as to why your life feels so inconsequential, even though it’s appreciable, then maybe you can analyze ways to pick up the different shattered pieces of your life.

This, does not, however, imply that you’re broken or different from everybody else. Because almost every living being has something they contend with each time — either family, work, spiritualism, individualism, societal needs & pressure — you name it.

It just means that with you, maybe there wasn’t enough room to cushion your aspirations or a nurturing environment, in general, that supported you. And that’s not bad. It just means you lived fighting through ferociously and has won.

Why? Because you’re still here.

Pick up the pieces of your life and make out what the full picture says for a calmer mind

But to seal that up nicely, you need to come face to face with your demons, gradually ripping them up and apart. And claiming back what truly belongs to you.

Pick up those pieces, however little or insignificant, even the forgotten ones, and place them back in their current right spots. While remembering what the blind spot there is and treating it accordingly.

This process will take time. Even if you went for therapy from a professional, I bet you it would still take time.

Because, just like in a weight loss journey, it takes you one healthy step at a time, until you have collected all the pieces and seen what the clear picture is.

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You’re healing. And there is no time frame to that

Besides, you need to be aware also, that you are bound to be hurting as you go along in the healing process — probably more so than you did back then when you were experiencing it. Because it will take you back to reinstate memories that are unfavorable.

That is the paradoxical twist to the expedition.

And that is why you need to be brave and courageous to persevere through. You will need close friends and serious loved ones that will put your through and stand by you, come what may.

Now is the time to pick up the pieces of your life, to avoid further delays and their consequences.

Now’s the time to raise your hands up in the air surrendering to what’s been holding you back.

Now is certainly the time to rid yourself of that existential crisis and start living instead.

Living out the true version of you, the authentic side. The part of you that was abandoned a long time ago for the sake of friends, family, work, society, or life even.

The world is still waiting, and because you fought hard to be here, you can do more.

Good luck

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