One, Ten Things About A Depressed Person

  • Let me explain. I promise it’s not an excuse but a reason.

Depressed people especially in the midst of others who are normal, always feel the constant need to explain themselves. They seriously want to be understood.

  • When you don’t understand, then you misunderstand them. It’s as simple as that.

Once a depressed person has to explain him/herself to you, chances are you simply do not understand. Do not claim otherwise.

  • Depressed people keep to themselves a lot and it’s not necessarily something they can control.
Female profile with a brain consisting of the words “I am not enough” illustrating low self esteem.

They do so for many reasons; from being afraid of being misunderstood and judged when they attempt to mingle, to avoiding clashing with others, to also avoiding creating other scenarios that may trigger them.

  • A depressed person knows the difference between good and bad occurrences.

The only difference between him/her and a normal person is that a depressed person overreacts when bad things happen and may not be able to handle the good when it comes.

  • A depressed person always says he/she will be fine but just doesn’t know when yet. They do have hope(s).
  • A depressed person can also handle relationships with others but tends to stick with fewer closer relationships with people who gets him/her better.
  • A depressed person can engage in long-term commitments, for whose sakes, he/she is willing to improve by.
  • Crying is not a sign of weakness for a depressed person but rather cathartic.
  • Lastly, a depressed person is one who knows about it, seeks help, endeavors to improve and also the only one who knows there’s progress when there is.

Show a little compassion to anyone you know depicts any of these signs.

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