See The Bigger Picture in Everything

It will aid decisiveness, precision in solution-seeking and achievement of your end goal in every bad situation you find yourself.

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Depending on what your end goal or purpose is, looking at the bigger picture to everything goes a long way to minimizing anxiety and restoring order. It is in congruent with living in the moment and ascertaining the best thing to do in order to achieve your end goal.

When you live in the moment, using effective skills like self-awareness, real-time reflection and/ or mindfulness, it goes a long way in assisting you to decipher the best move to make even when you’re in a worst-case scenario — be it at home, work or other social gatherings.

Living in the moment helps you not to overlook the current circumstance (especially the bad ones)but to think properly in recognizing what is going on such as what may be the cause of it, why and how to respond to it.

How to respond to a bad situation most times lies in your overall perspective of both the current situation and most importantly, looking at the bigger picture.

It’s very easy to get caught up in dealing with a tough situation that we forget that beyond what is happening, lies something greater. When you pause to think about it, you’d realize there’s no need reacting the way you are or did and by then the damage would’ve already been caused.

Looking at the bigger picture facilitates peace, decisiveness, harmony, and any other vital ingredient you choose to accomplish that nurtures a healthy relationship — with yourself, your partner, family, boss, colleagues, and others. This is because it allows you to be truthful about what it is beyond what is currently happening and take the right steps to accomplish them.

Therefore, next time when you’re involved in that heated argument with your spouse, family member or friend, when you secretly despise your boss’s way of handling things, when you notice your self- loathe over your current not-so-good situation, remember to take the time to pause and reflect (very quickly) over what exactly is happening versus what the bigger picture is in order to achieve what truly needs to be achieved.

Ask yourself; is it worth treating your spouse with contempt and hence driving your marital union to a cliffhanger over their erroneous negligence to cook dinner or rather see the bigger picture by accepting to let the peace (or whatever is your end-goal), rain by understanding that they must have done it unintentionally.

Is it worth living in an environment that is full of negative coercion to what you don’t stand for?

Is your ego worth your peace of mind as you continue to bear that silly grudge against your neighbor?

Ask yourself what the repercussion of your actions or reactions would be if you refused to see the bigger picture — to appropriately deal or cope with whatever kind of situation you find yourself in.

Always ask yourself questions in-between all that’s happening, see the bigger picture before acting.

It minimizes, if not completely depletes the anxiety and guilt that usually follows — because you thought well first.

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