Comet Nwosu

Comet Nwosu

Comet Nwosu is a Biomedical Scientist Postgraduate from Nottingham Trent University UK. I derive joy in a lot of things to do with Organization, management and communication.

Comet Nwosu’s desire towards effective communication gave birth to her writing aspirations, which overtime has honed her writing skills, and in it, served as a purpose.

Under this umbrella of being purposeful enlists the reason(s) why she enjoys writing; mainly to communicate, but also to inspire others, teach, and address toxic agendas in topical issues that are easily overlooked.

Comet Nwosu is not just an extraordinary writer, but a compelling, thought-provoking one— but all for good.  As she hopes to grow in this field and also hopes that it brings forth other avenues to use to expand her horizon with her writing aspirations. For a greater good and to keep her fulfilled Read More

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