The Act of Following Rules

Everything we do and want have rules to them. It’s a matter of “obey before complain

When we hear a new rule, our heart skips, our minds imagine a cage. Like ferocious lions in a cage, we fight hard for freedom. But rules are not meant to be perceived as so. Rules are slated, most times, for our own good. They aid the leaders (which can be anyone anywhere) and the government to rule us well. It serves as a form of guidance against unruly behaviors. These are some of the main reasons why it’s important to stick to rules.

The act of following the rules on the other hand tells well on someone’s personality. It shows that they are aware of themselves and their surroundings. Once you travel and step foot into a new country, for instance, you almost feel the different energy compared to where you’re coming from. That’s because a lot of rules and policies govern that place. And you can feel it almost instantly from their manners and displays at the airport. This is one of the effects of rules. And as a self-aware rule stickler, it becomes easy to adapt anywhere compared to if you were carefree.

Sticking to rules helps to regulate you too— helping us navigate where to go and how. Similarly to how a google map directs you. When you open your mind to learning about yourself and your surrounding environment, you’d discover the inner rules that guide you and likewise the place you find yourself. Which will in turn, assist you in ascertaining when you seem to be derailing.

Sticking to the rules and regulations sometimes can appear to be daunting and counterproductive in many circumstances. Especially in this present time and age when we’re told to come out of the box. But sticking to them is a safe bet. At least for starters. No matter how free you want to be, nothing comes for free per se. There’s always a price for something right or wrong, whether by freedom or in a ruling, that you must pay. Hence, the word “safe”. Our values and principles directly compares to following the rules. Sticking to them becomes a decision you would have to either keep to, abolish or add more unto. It’s all up to you.

No matter where we go to, where we live or what we choose to do, there will invariably be rules that govern us. The ones we set for ourselves and our family. Or the ones slated by the government or some leader for us to follow. But the purpose is never to confine us to somewhere or something we don’t want. But rather to guide us appropriately before, during and after anything. Everyone needs rules. Many professions and businesses have rules that govern them. It’s a matter of choice to keep them, add more to them, or to leave them.

I uphold the importance of sticking to rules as a safe bet to begin with. Then later, we can device ways to adjust to them. But first, we must ascertain what our own personal rules are and make an effort to stick to them. Because it is in so doing that we are able to stick to the ones slated for us by the government or our respective work environments. Which will derive safer environment, peace and healthy and harmonious living for everyone. Let’s continue giving it a try. Let’s implore as stipulated, even in the military: “obey before complain”.

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