The Problem With Seeking Constant Reassurance in Your Relationships

There’s assurance, there’s reassurance and there’s the obsessive quest for reassurance.

Giving assurance to someone is being to confirm and/ or instill confidence in him/her especially to clear doubts and diminish fear whereas reassurance is the act of reassuring or restoring what had previously been exercised.

Stop the latter.

It doesn’t tell well on your self-esteem. Here’s why?

Seeking reassurance (relationship) over and over again shows that you’re not contented because no matter what signs you get from your significant other, parent or other loved ones to prove you’re loved by them, you’re never satisfied.

Seeking reassurance is strenuous to the mind and heart as you’ll get disappointed from time to time when that which you seek for, doesn’t come forth.

Seeking reassurance makes you appear ungrateful as nothing ever seems to be enough — as aforementioned.

Seeking reassurance makes you appear clingy/reliant because when you get what you ask for the first time, you’re likely to go back for more.

Seeking reassurance (relationship) will make you paranoid and nervous for no reason. It’ll alienate you from your peers and loved ones as a result.

It’s best to accept whatever you receive as a sign that your partner, child/children, friends or loved ones have shown you as strong proof that they love you and work with that. Odds are, you’re not always assuring and reassuring them of your love too whether or not they asked for it. Why? Because as human, you’re not perfect, you can’t give it all always and likewise, you can’t have it all always.

So quit poking and seeking for unnecessary re-assurance and embrace the love you’re already receiving.

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