The Use of Prayer as a Retribution

Spirituality is tested in our ability to believe that our prayers serve as retribution to those who dehumanize us.

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Spirituality is everything. It helps us decipher lots of things we would otherwise worry about aren’t happening in the physical ways we expect.

Everyone has at least one foe knowingly or unknowingly. Someone who hates on us either online or offline. Someone or people who trampled on us and caused us pain and heartache.

In such circumstances, we may resort to revenge as a form of resolution, taking matters into our own hands. But it’s noteworthy that where others pay you back for the same wrongdoing, others utilize prayers as a means.

Thereby using prayer as a form of retribution.

Core spirituality requires the understanding that your prayers serve more than just a request quest, but also an avenue to seek retribution.

This means reporting a hater or wrongdoing to the Lord in prayers. Handing over everything to him and requesting divine vengeance. You might say it’s impossible or counterintuitive to what God does. But even God said every sin will be atoned for during the judgment day,

In a Bible verse by Apostle Paul, God said: “Vengeance is mine, do not attempt to pay any man back evil, what I can and will do”.

God has a way of meting vengeance and it’ll look like a natural omen. He knows how to mask it like it was a given- whereas a spiritually discerned person would know it is payback.

God doesn’t operate the way the ordinary man does. So, if you expect his vengeance to come in a typical fashion at a stipulated time and day, it may not happen. He knows when to make it happen — as a clear statement. Very atone-ridden. Core spirituality requires the understanding that your prayers serve more than just a request quest, but also an avenue to seek retribution.

So, it’s wise and hard at the same time I know, to hold back from doing God’s work. But you have to determine the type of spirit you possess. You have know that no one can trample on you and get away with it so easily.

If you’re less privileged to fight back, God has assured you he will be an advocate for the ones who have no one. A listening ear to those who don’t have anybody/call upon him. He will extend a helping hand to those who call upon him — Jeremiah 29:11–15.

So, use prayers as a key to unleashing all the venoms you wish you could heap upon those who did you wrong, because they’ll surely get what they deserve the fine and divine way from God . As a form of retribution for trampling on an anointed like you.

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