What Do We Know About Our Individuality?

Arriving at your person
Embrace yourself as the best thing.
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Arrive to your Individuality defines the concept of a person being who they are on their own. It interprets as what a person says they are, how they define their personality, their choices and lifestyle included.

We develop as separate individuals right from when we were born. But arrive at our individuality comes from how we were harnessed by either our parents or caregivers. 

Growing up in the midst of certain people with a a type of mentality is likely to impart its sort to you. Thus may end up making you adopt that mentality as well. As such this, and many other attributes make up who you (think) you are. Such as the type of choices made for you, pronouncing your type of character, inhibiting certain traits you portray— all in the bid to fit you in the box they think you belong yo.

Until you grow to realize you’re the complete opposite of all that. 

This is when it dawns on you that you’ve lacked individuality all along. You’ve grown in the midst of several people (if you had siblings too) who influenced your person and sort of snatched it away from you without knowing.

Lack of individuality is simply when we can’t act according to our self. It is when we lack principle to follow and guide us to a more authentic self.

No matter what or who tried to detract you from performing yourself, lack of individuality can go on in life to affect many areas of your life due from lack of self-esteem. This puts you on a pedestal of constantly adopting others beliefs and values and ridden with the confusion forthwith. 

As opposed to learning about yourself, believing in yourself, working on the negative parts and strengthening the positive ones. All to ensure that you arrive at your individuality by upholding your person always.

You need to know that you’re worthy of love, worthy of trust, worthy of care and attention. And never underestimate your potential as an individual to exhibit your prowess.

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