What You Give Your Attention to Defines You

Mindfulness as a useful tool in clearing our minds in acknowledging this truth

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Mindfulness saves us from a lot of hassles and confusions that occur as a result of what we misgive our attention to. Our attention is snared by our thoughts which are heavily influenced by our beliefs and values. As a result, we create the type of mindset we need to achieve the things we’ve slated. Our attention says a lot about our personality. Its value is measured by our intentions. If you don’t like something, you’re likely to deviate from that thing onto something else you like. Likewise, when you’re constantly focusing on something, that very thing starts to shape your reality. Mindfulness continues to serve as a valuable tool in clearing our minds to decipher this truth.

It all starts from our daily routine

What we take out time doing each day until the end, always determines the type of person we are. Do you lay in your bed in the morning as you awake? Do you bother to pray or meditate to dedicate that day to a serene being? Or do you tend to jump out and about the day, inserting activities impromptu and struggling to complete them before the day ends?

How we start, continue, and finish our day, our daily routine, defines our nature. As our schedules form core aspects of our living every day.

Handling the emotional state

Our emotional state is a very crucial aspect of living. The things we feed our minds manipulate our emotions. So if you’re fond of looking down on yourself or being highly self-critical, you’ll always focus on the negative aspects of things people talk to you about, especially when it concerns you. If you keep seeking the lies in many talks toward you, it could become your reality to doubt every single thing that comes your way.

Emotions do not lie. However, their interpretation and actions that follow are the tricky part we need to beware of. It’s wise to clear our minds of what it holds so strongly and let in things freshly to settle. Not holding onto hurt, pain, anger, and discomfort can obstruct the grace attention we’re giving many things — which might not be worth it in the end. These are times we could be using reliving and reveling in more prosperous things. Because there is progress. You just need to focus on it through utilizing mindfulness.

The environmental drama

As a survivor of constant environmental drama, and having been pronounced as the drama queen numerous times I fought for a positive change, and I can confidently tell you it’s very draining. Not only is it draining, but it is hard to get out of it.

So when you’re stuck in an environment that doesn’t fit your spirit and soul, the kind you have to battle always, I empathize with you. I understand the word “stuck” from so many angles and for so many reasons.

But you need to know that it’s not the end. You don’t have to give in to the temptation to go contrary to yourself by mingling with it. You can just accept the messiness, but uproot your soul and spirit from relating. By focusing on something else. Find out something that gives you so much joy and control. It could be staying indoors in your room alone, it could be interacting with the outside world if they’re any better than the inner world where you live.

People prefer the former as an escape route but don’t seek to escape. Seek to leave — and continue living. Because when you escape, it follows you. But when you leave, it gives you the ground to reset. And resetting from all that BS is what you need. Mindfulness would ease your mind when the confusions arise on what decisions to make.

Refocus your attention on bigger things. It could be small bigger things for starters. Something that will create a domino effect for when you eventually leave there. If you continue to focus on the drama surrounding you, though it’s not intentional, that’s all you will see and get.

Overall aspects of your living

What you see is what you get.

If you see the glass half-full, that’s what you get. If you see it half-empty, that’s what it is.

Perspective is an important factor when considering the things we should give our attention to. To squeeze out the juice of life, you’ve got to choose to make it. You need to see the bigger picture. You need to be appreciative of where you are because the type of air you breathed yesterday isn’t the same as today although you may still be in the same space. That’s the beauty of tomorrow. It always gives you another chance. So, instead of becoming fixated on bad memories, negative energy, and unscrupulous reactions, why don’t you guide your energy and focus your attention on things that have gone well? It could even be through the simple thought that you’re the entrepreneur of your own life. Something.

But quit dwelling on the overall aspects of your life that don’t seem to match up. Nobody is competing against you, there’s no timeline either. Just you taking the time you need to find yourself and transcend from where you are if it bothers you.

Live life, dwell on the positive aspects of things and be you authentically. These traits will open doors that will allow you to focus your attention on better things, which will ultimately define or redefine a better future you’ve been so anxious about.

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