Where’s Home?

Home is where you make it

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A home comes first and never last

A home is where you settle in every aspect of your living

It’s not just about the structures or fittings

It is where we say it is, not minding whether it fits

A home is a secluded place in the midst of other (unsettled) places where we feel it

Home is in our hearts, a place where only very few will visit

It is made around with intentions to bring and to nurture

Home is where we harbor our hurt and pain; stirring and dealing with the torture

It is where we feel as opposed to there where we conceal

Home is an abode to chill from the frills with hopes we don’t congeal

It turns thorns into kindle used in warming even the coldest heart

A home is a safe haven where you run in, but hardly run out

Fall out but never stay out

A home is a place of forgiveness, acceptance, and tolerance

An exceptional ground on which there’s an alleviation of grievances

It is a ground on which we’ll hurt more

In it, love more,

And also grow more

Home comes first and never last,

If it comes last what is home then?

Where’s home for you?

What is home to you?

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A girl who derives a lot of joy in writing. Which overtime has served as an intentional purpose to inspire people and uplift souls too. Through addressing hidden topical issues. The kind that is easily overlooked. Try me.

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  • Lovely. A very warm write up. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much. It means a lot?

  • Short and precise. Nice write up

    Amoo Olasoji
  • Thanks babe?


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