You Are What You Show Somebody Else

Sometimes we think we know who we are and cross our hearts to those beliefs and perceptions. And while I’m not here to refute them, I’m here to point out some vital inconsistencies with regards to just believing who you are rather than showing it more.

Things to be mindful of when preaching about your personality and refusing otherwise are:

  • You are kind only when you show kindness often
  • You’re sweet only when you depict it often
  • You’re careful only when you show it often
  • You’re compassionate only when you show it more
  • You’re conscientious only when you express it more
  • You’re generous only when you give out more
  • You’re discipline only when you show it more
  • You’re principled by the manner you live your life on a daily note

On the flip side:

You’re arrogant when you show it all the time

You’re controlling when you can’t seem to stay still all the time

You’re judgmental when you depict the traits in your daily living

You’re disrespectful when you exhibit the traits more

You’re mean when you show it more often than not.

You’re stingy when you refuse to give or help more often than not

You’re heartless when you hurt your neighbor and not feel it every time.

So many traits exist that we portray in our everyday living — devoid of circumstantial, experiential, or environmental factors. Believing it’s either who we are or who we are not. And it’s only through self-awareness could we be able to catch ourselves and course correct when we feel we’re getting out of character. But unless of course, that’s the true character.

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