Your Attitude Now is an Investment

The longer your patience, the shorter your accomplishment timeline— and all the more worthy

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No matter what life throws at you, good or bad, your attitude to it counts a whole lot. People choose to behave poorly when the going gets tough and blame it on the situation. But that is not the ideal manner to handle life. Other people on the other hand prefer to live mindlessly and wreck havoc from their nonchalance and insensitivity towards touchy life issues. Which is unacceptable as well.

The kind of attitude we adopt towards life’s ups and downs will determine how far we go in life— bearing in mind some of life’s important philosophies and inspirational stories for guidance.

Firstly, life isn’t bed of roses, neither is it linear. It’s a maze with different toss and turns. Life doesn’t just happen to one person and leave the other. A rich person might be lacking the closeness with their family compared to you who basically has that. Hence no need to envy anybody else. Or compare yourself to someone else other than to your former self.

Growth is when you understand that your attitude in “any” situation matters. It entails also being responsible for your actions. It’s easy to apportion blames when the going gets tough because doing so eliminates the anxiety for making the mistake. But taking accountability for your actions enables you to grow in the sense that you allow yourself to understand we are fallible and accept your flaws as part of who you are and work towards them. Not escapism.

Your attitude during good times matters as well. It’s what tells whether you’re wise or just going with the flow. Wise because when something good befalls you, it means more responsibility for you and an increase in capability to help someone else out. My special prayer is: let me bless others the same way or better than I’ve been blessed.

There’s always a greater cause for every situation. Therefore allowing yourself to be on a constant autopilot mode might be selfish of you whether in good or bad times. We were all created for a purpose and those purpose can be discovered through bad times as well as good times. It’s all about exercising the skill of mindfulness in determining, believing, and letting yourself fulfill them.

Your attitude is an investment because what you sow now is what you reap. If you decide to do good, you’ll reap good. If you decide to do bad, you’ll reap bad. Likewise, if you choose to make conscious effort to exhibit traits, talents, skills and whatnot and inculcate them in your routine now, they serve as solid foundation on which a bright future awaits. But if you lag behind and gloat in nonsensical activities, your reward awaits.

A good investor also understands that investing their time energy money needs taking risks and yet, go ahead to do so. This means that the choices you make now aren’t necessarily good or bad. Just a choice. Hopefully it’s the kind that molds you to treading on the path for you and not the kind that takes you away from it. So, don’t be afraid to make a decision now to live well. Have a good approach to life. Change your perspective. Be intentional in your living. Because these investments will definitely pay, and well too. It’s a matter of you and time.

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